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At Deer Valley Ranch, we offer competitive pricing for all of our hunts!
* All prices are in USD. *

White Tail Deer

Rack Measurement Price

**White Tail priced per size -- but difficult to hunt because of the large area & dense brush.
Please Email for specific pricing.


Rack Measurement Price
Cow $2,000
2-3yr meat bull $3,000
330"-350" $5,400
350"-370" $6,200
370"-390" $7,600
390"-410" $9,400
410"-430" $11,000
430"-450" $15,000
450"-470" $19,000


Amount of Meat Price
3yr approx 700lb $3,500
4yr approx 900lb $4,500
Trophy +2,000lb $6,000

Special Rates

Please call/email for group rates or multiple animal hunt.

Included in the price:

  • The animal which is a guaranteed hunt
  • All paperwork, including tags, license and fees
  • We will provide rifle and ammo
  • We will gut the animal
  • Lunch during the hunt

Not included in the price:

  • Skinning and butchering (local people will be available for this service for a fee)
  • Transportation to & from the airport ($125 fee each way)
  • Food & lodging (nearby motels and camp spots are available)