Providing the BEST in Trophy Deer, Elk, & Buffalo Hunts!

We Provide:

  • The animal which is a guaranteed hunt
  • All paperwork, including tags, license and fees
  • We will provide rifle and ammo
  • We will gut the animal
  • Lunch during the hunt

We do not Provide:

  • Skinning and butchering (local people will be available for this service for a fee)
  • Transportation to & from the airport($125 fee each way)
  • Food & lodging (motels and camp spots are available)

Nearby Lodging

  • Paynton 16 Truck Stop
    $60/Single Room
    $70/Double Room
    2 Miles from Ranch
  • Maidstone Hotel
    $81/Single Room
    $96/Double Room
    8 Miles from Ranch
  • Maidstone Motel
    $74/Single Room
    $90/Double Room
    8 Miles from Ranch
  • North Battleford
    10+ Motels
    30 Miles from Ranch
  • Lloydminster
    15+ Hotels
    45 Miles from Ranch


Permits are included in your hunt price, therefore there is no additional charge over and above your contracted hunt rate.


We will be happy to ship your meat to you. Generally, most hunters take their antlers and cape home with them as extra baggage or leave it for our local taxidermist to prepare. You may take coolers with your meat home with you on the plane if you so desire.

Suggested Gear

  • 1 rifle (243-338 Caliber) and 20 rounds of ammunition
  • If bow hunting 1 bow with 12 broadheads arrows
  • 1 complete set of rain gear and water proof leather hunting boots
  • 1 pair of binoculars, small day pack and camera
  • 2 hunting shirts, 1 pair of hunting pants or coveralls. Temperatures run 70-80 degrees in Aug/Sept so please do not bring too much gear. 95% of our hunters over pack
  • Oct/Nov: 1 warm hunting jacket (fleece or wool) 1 suit of light underwear (Late October/November), 1 pair of gloves, 1 sweater, warm cap
  • Personnel toiletries.
  • Alcohol is not provided. Bring your own or buy it locally