Providing the BEST in Trophy Deer, Elk, & Buffalo Hunts!

What To Expect

Guides: Our guides are world class and live on or nearby the ranch all year round. You will be assigned your own guide, however, DVR reserves the right to place one or more hunters under one guide's supervision.

After the client has harvested a trophy animal, the guide will retrieve and gut the animal for you. There will be a local skinner and a butcher in the area for extras fees.

In the event you would like to have the taxidermy work done here in Saskatchewan, we have a world class taxidermist nearby who will be happy to make arrangements for you.

Questions or Concerns

If there is an issue that concerns you with regard to guides or services, please bring it to my attention immediately - while I still have an opportunity to correct it. We always do our utmost to be fair and reasonable with our clients.

Setting The Pace

It is up to the hunter to set the pace as your guide will have no idea of what you would call a hard day or an easy day.

Please let your guide know if you feel he is moving to quickly, if the terrain is to difficult for you or if you require a rest period. Also let your guide know if there is any physical handicap that you may have or medication you take that he should be aware of.

We are here to do our utmost to satisfy the client and ensure that he/she has a great hunt. Regardless of your age, experience, health, or physical limitations, Deer Valley Ranch has a hunt well suited for you.

Judging Trophy Size

We understand that it can be very difficult for the customer to accurately judge trophy size. The same can be true for our guides. In some cases, our guides will simply not be able to "accurately" gauge the total gross antler score of an elk or deer.

We make every possible effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the animal before they pull the trigger or release an arrow. However, the only truly accurate way to score a bull is when he is on the ground.

Body size can vary by as much as 400 lbs between bulls also making it very difficult to judge total gross score accurately.

Your guide will indicate to you whether or not the animal hunted fits in your category. If the animals scores higher than booked for and you are following the guide's directions, there will be no additional charges. Ultimately, however, the decision to harvest the animal is yours.